Sunday, 25 September 2016

Shoe Psychology - The Reveal (4)!

Hi - welcome back to the psychology of shoes! 

I stop people on their way to work and take photos of their shoes! I quickly delve into their personality - the theory is we can read people by looking at their shoes. 

It's also fun matching people to shoes!

Last time I gave you this pair of shoes:

I asked my daughter and she said this lady: 

  • is young
  • has brown hair
  • large black glasses
  • was outgoing and cheerful
  • a businesswoman

What do you think?

Here's Diane:

Diane was extremely shy (she said that herself) - I'm very lucky that she agreed to take part! She works as a housing consultant for a well known charity. 

Did you guess that?

I think I had a theory that unique shoes = outgoing personality. Not necessarily so.

OK try this:

See you next time with the reveal!

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